United Builders of Prosperity

Programme gathering volunteers helping members build their prosperity.

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Here’s how you can help

Photo: photo-libre.fr

United Builders of Prosperity (UBPORG) is a programme run by Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires, a Quebec City-based social economy enterprise (non-profit).

UBPORG’s members are volunteers, helping other organization members (Access Your Prosperity and Communauté Québec) acquire autonomy and, ultimately, build their prosperity.

What UBPORG members do is give time, wherever they are. Some are thousands of kilometres away! Some others come to the sandwicherie and assist members in their apprenticeship.

What is there to do?

  • Help us ensure the quality of our programmes. We guide our members along the way to prosperity through apprenticeship, workshops, howto’s and mentoring. Can you spare some time and make sure our publications are accurate?
  • Blog with us! No matter how far you live from us, you can contribute to our blogs by posting articles about the various themes related to our mission and our endeavours. Our blogs are guiding our members. They also promote humanitarian awareness.
  • Write about us! Building prosperity is all about simple, pragmatical accomplishments that make a difference immediately in a person’s life. Here and now. Simple activities that members can easily organize by themselves in order to live a comfortable, happy life.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @upb_org
  • Follow us on Facebook: UBPORG’s Page

We need your memory!

Photo: TVWaska

If you have old memory sticks (SDRAM, DDR I, DDR II) that you don’t need anymore, please donate them! We build computers for our members who can’t afford them so they can actively build their prosperity. Please send them to our main location: the sandwicherie. Thank you so much!

Jean-François Néron
General Manager at
Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires


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SoComment’s Discoveries

SoComment‘s mission is to blog about social commentators – or lifecasters as Jen would say – who influence the population a lot more than would traditional media moguls and institutional pillars.

My discoveries are amazing. I am so happy to share with you the endeavours of these wonderful souls.

Heather Chauvin‘s blog [http://heatherchauvin.com] is so nice. She is the “Feel Good Lady” who can boost your motivation, the “Empowerment Fairy” who can help kids deal with growing up… Also, she is into mentoring (Waskaquébec’s main activity). Watch her videos; you’ll see what I mean. She’s that good.

Mackenzie Phillips is a survivor. She doesn’t want to be a victim of what happened to her, nor a martyr. She rolls up her sleeves and recovers. She builds prosperity for herself, for her loved ones and for everybody. I posted a blog article about this angel. She is so inspiring! I told her. You should too.

Let’s keep the other discoveries for my next posts. I have so many! They all have in common this power: they motivate people to build their prosperity and that of their community.


Jean-François Néron
General Manager at
Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires



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Social commentators interviewed

This summer, our team of bloggers (we prefer calling them “social commentators”) is going to interview other influencial personalities who use the Internet to express themselves.

Some of them also influence “physically”. Yes! They organize meet-ups where tweeters, facebookers and other socio-professional communicators come to shake hands and discuss in one physical location.

Stay tuned! Don’t zap too far away because it’s going to be hot. The heat of the summer may help us cook you up a mean intercourse – a discussion with these hot Internet stars involved in building prosperity.

Here – in Quebec City – we are thinking of chatting with Olivier Labbé and his Xagone teammates, organizers of SWAFF – a must-attend event taking place on the second Thursday of every month – where business personalities meet to talk web 2.0.

Also in the Old Capital City, Nicolas Roberge is an interesting person to interview. He gathered a crowd of tweeters under one roof. People who only knew eachother by their avatars now shake hands and share in the real world, thanks to Nicolas’ Tweet-Up.

In Montreal, Michelle Blanc is the indisputable godmother of social and professional communications over the net. She has the eye of an eagle when it comes to finding the latest useful trend – and techniques! – in socommenting.

You will probably be invited too, if you’re blogging socially and professionally.

In the meantime, re-check our article on this so-ever interesting nerdique chick: Jen Friel

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The Force Becomes “United Builders of Prosperity”

The Force has become “United Builders of Prosperity”, a programme of Waska.org for members who wish to participate – actively – in building prosperity in their community. Individuals, non-profit organizations and micro-businesses become members of UBP to take action and make concrete gestures in order to provide the less fortunate the means to become prosperous.
Although a new blog is to be created for UBP, this blog will nonetheless remain active to keep you informed of the activities and posted on Waska.org’s general news.
UBP members want to get their hands dirty! They thrive on real-time change-making, instant empowerment-growing. Just like gardening, it’s a physical job that is down-to-Earth but doesn’t always yield the results right away. However, when it does, is it ever gratifying!
United to build prosperity means being creative, dynamic and ressourceful. It involves creating new tools, new methods, new philosophies. It basically is an association of benevolent human beings who give time, effort, experience, aptitudes and heart to help other human beings take control of their lives, of their success.
Activities involve, for example, building sets and making props for the learning workshops. Some UBP members may write articles in Waska.org’s numerous blogs or work on the web tools made accessible to the apprentices in their learning process. Other members may prefer producing or appearing in video clips destined to learning… There is an array of ways to help a person in need become empowered.
Above all, UBP members are proud to contribute to building prosperity by sharing their professional and social skills. They become mentors. They make accessible the tools for success to an entire population otherwise deprived of ressources necessary to reach financial stability, social networking and happiness.
By giving others power, UBP members take power. The real, concrete power of changing the world for the better, one genuine gesture at a time.

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The Power of Good Words

It doesn’t cost much to just tweet a kind word of appreciation to someone.

This simple, little gesture of less than 140 characters that encourages this person to continue contributing to the healthy growth of our society…

The sole fact of acknowledging the benevolence of a fellow tweeter, who is involved in humanitarian endeavours, can lead to a great deal: they will feel a sense of accomplishment for their positive actions, their motivation will be boosted and the whole Twittosphere will witness this expression of recognition.

If it generated a movement, then let’s all go for it! Good words can act as nuts and bolts, consolidating the structure of our socioeconomic prosperity.

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Talk nerdy to me lover

Jennifer Friel is not just another girl on the Net. She is a social commentator, one of the pioneers of the Web 2.0 revolution that is giving power back to people.

Her website – Talk Nerdy to Me Lover – is an example of empowerment in the realm of sharing opinion and preferences, wind to the mill of commerce. Clearly, it means that Jen’s readers are more influenced by what she publishes than by what any other site of the old establishment could provide.

Bubbly as sparkling water, the young woman in her twenties connects to her readers through empathy. Jen communicates with her fans, responds to their comments and establishes with them some sort of a relationship. She has found the recipe for cooking a whole new way of setting trends. Already, decision makers in some businesses have noticed her and take her seriously.

Social commentators are changing the way people choose their lifestyle just by being ordinary humans expressing themselves. We, the readers, will most likely relate to peers than we would to salespersons. That is the winning recipe.

You would really love to share Jen’s energy at talknerdytomelover.com. On Twitter, you can have a chat with this cute, freckled smiley at @jenfriel and by using the hashtag #nerdsunite.

We, at SoComment, will some day have the pleasure of interviewing her. Please, do SoComment this article!